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three-wheeled electric scooter H3 cool appearance 2018 spring newly released

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Tomoloo three-wheeled electric scooter H3, the world's first three-wheeled skateboard with a cool and creative appearance! Whether it is outdoor sports or daily activities, skateboarding has become a part of people's lives. Today, we show you the world's first three-wheel smart electric skateboard - tomoloo, with it, just like the brave Knight, you will like it, what is its unique features?
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Tomoloo three-wheeled electric scooter H3, design inspired by the nocturnal Dragon Fray, is a very creative smart electric scooter. Whether it is playing or walking, will get a new ride experience.
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The steering mechanism features Tomoloo's patented technology, turning to a radius of less than 3 meters. With high-speed riding, turning and changing riding directions are very flexible. It plays an important role in steering angle and can bring unexpected results. comfortability. The battery is a central part of the electric scooter. The Tomoloo three-wheeled electric scooter H3 battery uses the same battery technology as Tesla's. It is energy-efficient, safe, and fast-charging. Equipped with quick-swap battery box, can replace the battery than the traditional electric scooters to provide a more convenient battery life, very convenient for long-distance riding.
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In addition, the state-of-the-art electronic stability control system provides no delay in acceleration and a comfortable linear brake feel during braking, resulting in unexpected stability and comfort. Unique exposed tire design makes it more adaptable in outdoor environments, non-slip rubber tire, non-slip effect. As for the fuselage, the use of aviation aluminum alloy skeleton package engineering materials, beautiful and solid, long body and pedal, stand more stable. At the same time with the day before the lights and tail warning lights to enhance traffic safety during the day and night.
This is a fun, fun and trendy three-wheeled smart scooter equipped with a mobile phone APP and a digital display on the front of the car, which can observe the status of vehicles in real time and realize social interactions between people through the APP.
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Tomoloo three wheeled electric scooter H3, for
Professional skater: More than any other electric skateboard can play more tricks, I love the challenge, is really a new experience.
Skateboarding beginners: Both adults and children, do not need long hours of practice, training, tomoloo can let you quickly get started, get more fun experience.
Environmentalist or Urban Worker: Zero Carbon Emissions No Pollution. Tomoloo short course is your best choice
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Tomoloo company through years of development and accumulation in the field of intelligent balancing vehicles, is China's leading smart electric balancing truck, electric scooter manufacturer, to provide product development, manufacturing, sales and OEM services to major global customers, Tomoloo through the United States UL2272 Safety certification, is a UL official jury members. Tomoloo possesses the core invention technology of mechanical self-balancing. It owns dozens of national and international patented technologies such as EU CE, ROHS, REACH certification and international authoritative certification of ISO9001, Wal-Mart (FCCA and SCS), BSCI etc., Innovation Award, Innovation Award, Red Dot Design Contest, etc., using testing standards far beyond the industry to provide the safest and most reassuring product.
Tomoloo's two-wheeled electric scooters, three-wheeled electric scooters, four-wheel electric scooters and a series of hoverboard, will be launched on 2018 Spring
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