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One-and-a-half year old new Tomoloo replaceable battery electric scooters listed

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One-and-a-half year old new Tomoloo replaceable battery electric scooters listed in March
A three-wheeled electric scooter produced by the Chinese company Tomoloo is scheduled to be launched in March this year. The company said that they put a lot of energy and sweat, the entire R & D team spent a year and a half, grinding out this proud of the smart three-wheeled electric scooters, and applied for a patent (Europe Union Design Patent 004507507- 0001, US Design Patent: 29626830, China Design Patent: 201730547304.4) and invention patents.
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Now let's take a look at the revolutionary three-wheeled electric scooters that the Tomoloo world started with.

Tomoloo's three-wheel electric scooters are more attractive than traditional scooters. No matter if it is playing or it is a good choice. First of all, it is the world's most innovative smart electric scooter, cool and beautiful design, full of sense of technology, design ideas from the dragon Nord Fray in mythology, extending from the head, pedals to the tail, the shape is like a dragon, Gives the car vitality and spirituality.


Second, the electric scooter 96 cm long body, standing more stable and easier to master the balance. The body adopts aerospace aluminum alloy frame, beautiful and sturdy, can carry 120kg weight, and its maximum speed is 28 kilometers per hour. The electronic display intelligently displays the driving speed, power, driving gear, and accumulated mileage, at a glance, and knows the riding status at any time during riding.
It is worth mentioning that the three-wheel electric scooters of Tomoloo adopt exclusive patented steering mechanism technology, the turning radius is reduced to within 1 meter, the steering is flexible, and the stable operation control is maintained during the riding process. At the same time, the steering mechanism has built-in shock absorption function. Easily overcome obstacles, adjust damping and damping in real time according to road conditions, and the bumpy road feels more stable.
The use of replaceable battery design is the highlight of this scooter, providing a more convenient way of life, very convenient for long-distance riding, battery device waterproof seal design, to IPX5 five-star waterproof. It is reported that this car handheld remote control using the most advanced electronic stability control system, there is no delay in acceleration, the use of linear brake body brake technology, to achieve a smooth deceleration, braking experience, start, stop, three speeds free to switch.

The front two 6-inch solid non-slip rubber tires have good anti-skid effect. The alloy wheels are equipped with a unique shock absorption mechanism. The rear tires are drive wheels. The built-in 350 watt high-power motors have strong obstacle-tolerance and strong starting power. For night commuting, the red tail lights will accompany you while riding and serve as a warning light!
The distinctive folding handle design, like a trolley case, can be pulled by a three-wheeled electric scooters. The folding handle uses a new type of material, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and low temperature. It is of the same type, does not break, is durable, and it rides subways. Take the bus, enter the elevator, easy to carry, easy travel, bring more convenience for travel life.
Tomoloo three wheeled electric scooter H3, for
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