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Self Balance Electric Scooters -- The Next Cusp Of Internet

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Current global manufacturing industries are facing a whole new set of technological reform, the Internet, data is at the core of intelligent being a grin, making it past the cold machine become more intelligent, lightweight and user-friendly. The next few years, both home appliances, industrial equipment and the street lamps, automotive and other life in most electronic devices will be connected to the Internet and the realization of intelligent management, so IOT is recognized as the next trillion-dollar market, it is the next revolution of technological change.

The self balance scooters sought after by the capital markets  
The self balance electric scooters also called smart balance car and somatosensory car as well as Segway. The electric balance scooter on the market is mainly divided into two style, one is two wheels electric balance scooter, another is one wheel electric balance scooter.The Balance scooter adopts standing-driving way, relies on the process of leaning forward or backward motion control to balance the car forward and backward. It is created with intelligent control technology. Since green, small and controlling management, it is considered to be the personal means of transport, Jobs Praised it as "epoch-making invention" Science and technology products. 

Global first electric scooter is Segway  two wheels balance car in the United States. It had been favored by US President Bush and the US police, and tourism, many government institutions when put on the market. However due to itself equipment performance limited and up to more than 10,000 more dollars expensive price, this type of two wheels balance car has been Council limited to government sector of model application, in personal consumption electronic market almost no improvement.  
However, the balance scooters  relative to the US Segway bulky, ugly design, Chinese balance scooters manufacturers have introduced more lightweight, stylish, low-cost two wheels balancing vehicle products in recent years, such as: Tomoloo balance scooters market, will soon promote the application together in tourism, exhibition, airport and public sector and other public places. In particular, more portable, cheaper, cool unicycle balancing car market, once launched, it was a large number of 80, 90 young people sought after, the entire balance scooters market would be quickly detonated within two years.    
Millet is stepping up investment in intelligent balance car field layout. Internet companies such as millet hardware acceleration layout personal means of transport, aim at further improving its phones, TVs and other intelligent smart home hardware ecosystem, but also because investment millet intervention to balance car and promote this industry.

Self balance scooter, the hot spot of CE (Consumer electronics) 

The heat up selling market of self balance scooter, not only get benefit from the technological development, but also thanks to car purchase limitation, odd-even number-plate restrictions and confined motorcycles policy by governments. And it’s a social consensus we developing electric and intelligent vehicle, specially we now facing environmental pollution and traffic congestion are getting serious these days. That’s the reason why Tesla Motors become the best seller at the market. Close to one million’s selling price make the Tesla Motors just a toy of Beverly Hillbillies, Electric Bicycle with price from 2000 to 3000 RMB? Too migrant worker style. With selling price around 2000 only, which makes the unicycles reachable and enjoyed high reputation by the new generation and become their first choice of transport.
Although, the transport will be full of Intelligent hardware such as Intelligent balance vehicle,electric skateboard, Intelligent bicycle, but from the view of utility to solve the last 5 kilometers of transport, with its advantages such as light and handy, speedy and easy to carry, the self balance scooter have the potential to become the personal new transportation tool after automobile and bicycle. Thanks to the burst of development of smart phone and wearable, which lead to the speedily upgrading technology and capitalized cost slump  of self balance scooter, which make a significantly breakthrough to the technology and reachable price of the self balance scooter, According to Moore's conclusion.  
For the past few years, people paid their attention to self balance scooter public utilities and government markets, but now they’ve put their energy to mass consumer market. Public statistical data display that at year 2013, the gross production of self balance scooter were 400,000 units, at year 2014, production will reach to 680,000 units, and we will expect 1 million units of scooter will be sold. This surely will become a huge emerging market with price over a billion. Relative to the total sales volume 18 million units of bicycle with total value of out-put over 100 billion but nearly 1000 competitive enterprise, self balance scooter has just started and in his early stage. Whether the enterprise into this business, or the space for marketing expansion, it’s a bright future for this industry. And can see the shadow of venture capital in this field.       
As mentioned above, self balance scooter not only get benefit from the technological development, but also thanks to car purchase limitation, odd-even number-plate restrictions and confined motorcycles policy by governments step by step, but also facing the government regulation, it’s a policy risk. As a new method of transport, self balance scooter, especially the unicycles, we have to admit the greater hidden risks at the crowed streets, some of cities in China have banned the self balance scooters ridding on the road, but have no relevant laws and regulations indicate that self balance scooters can’t be ridding at other public place expect on the road. Exactly as the policy risks of P2P financial market, but is not prevent the explosive growth of this industry. The development of self balance scooter is due to the demand of market, and with replacement of know-how and the issue of industry norm, with the usage of safety of the self balance scooter and approval national policy, the peak development of this industrial will coming in soon.