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TOMOLOO Teach You To Choose Electric Scooters With Five Poin

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As a new short-haul means of transport, electric scooters have been appeared a lot of users attention and favor. Short-distance travel transport, or toys,the balance electric scooters still have some user markets. The self balance scooters have many styles, the price varies from several hundred to million, how do we choose?
If you intend to buy a balance scooter, and you never buy before.Tomoloo, based on its experience with a simple recipe to introduce some skills to select electric scooters.
Choose by the models. According to the difference of appearance structure, we divided electric self balance scooter mainly as unicycle and two wheeled scooter. And of course, we also take scooter as a member of the self balance scooters’ family. Before you purchase a scooter, what you need to do is choose the right models of scooter you need exactly. My advise, if you need a transport for a short distance trip, two wheeled scooter or scooter will be your best choice. Reasons for you to choose them: they’re easy to operate, it won’t take you for a long time to learn the basic ridding skill, and they’re in larger size compared to unicycle, so the battery capacity will be larger either and with longer cruising mileage.
The unicycle, I think it’s more easier for the young generation to have fun. It is more complicated and harder to operate and will take some time to learn how to ride it, if you need a transport only, the unicycle seems not your first choice. But variety ways to ride, and with lower price, the unicycle are popular among the young generation. Let’s set the model of scooters aside, we also need to take our personal special requirement into consideration. Like if the weight of scooter is alright, and width of the scooter, easy to carry or not, if scooter can be disassembled quickly, whether the scooter in a right volume or can it be put in the trunk, think twice above questions before you purchase your scooter.
Safety always matters. A lot of advertisements of scooter manufacturer all claimed that use the most advanced gyroscope balance technology to ensure rider’s safety. And some hardcore players of scooter mentioned, scooter is very easy to master riding skills and safety problems can be  reduced significantly. Those saying reassure some purchasers concern in some point, but the real question is, are those scooters in sale are really meet the Management Regulations of Safety issued by government? You can take my answer for “NO”. As it is not at a high technical threshold, so the scooter market is in chaos, so consumers when buying a scooter, please make sure the manufacturers scooter is certified by national safety certification.
Detailed progress in anti-friction can keep the user from harm. And we can use different ways to confirm the safety of products you purchase. Such as to see the pedals shaking or not by erecting the scooter. And check scooter’s stability by putting it to slope. Without doubt, even the safest product in the world, if we pay no attention to the proper use method, unsafe factors might be occurred. So keep your eyes open and watch the road to avoid personal injury.
Electric self balance scooter are mainly formed by gyroscope, controlling computer, frame and battery. We can define a good scooter by its operation,  rarefied materials, excellent workmanship and good cruising mileage. Those features can known by long-term’s riding to experience. But to basic user, it’s not a easy work to choose yourself a good piece of scooter.In the ordinary course of events, we can not know clearly about the gyroscope, controlling computer those core components, but we have our ways to see the scooter is excellent or not by feeling if it’s easy to handle, the raw materials, battery and tyre the scooter used. A good scooter normally use ABS, high level PC, nanometre as the frame of the scooter. And with those good materials, the impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance and chemical resistance are in good quality. Furthermore, use advance painting technology, excellent scooter makes people feel comfortable when seeing the uniform color of the painting. At last but not least, the joints, pedals of the battery are well handled, please take those advice for reference when you want to get yourself a scooter.
Good scooter can aware by details and selected materials. Large capacity battery makes longer cruising mileage, so pay your attention to the brand and capacity you choose of the battery, because that will have effect the cruising mileage directly.
Cheap is dear, and dear is cheap. It is definitely that having defects for cheap scooters. So by scooter with acceptable and affordable price. But never choose products in a very low price. The manufacturer will give no promise to customers by offering unusual low price. Don’t be cheated by them.
Same as other products, good brands on matter in R & D, technology and after sales service, have it’s Superiority compared to cottage brands. So, choose you scooter wisely and branded.