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Bright Future For Self Balance Scooter At Year 2016

date:2020.07.15     viewed:
Analysis from technical field
It is true that self balance scooter have in the market over 10 years, but there are frontier technologies applied in scooter, brush-less motor, Single system control sinusoidal waves, balance algorithm and so on. And those technologies are widely used in drones and robot products. And it is believed more and more products and fields to use those technologies, and revolution never ends.
Analysis from industry sector
In my opinion, self balance scooter is just one model product. It will makes a big difference for self balance scooters involved in several different areas in the future:
1. The means of transport
Shortage of resources, environmental pollution, urban congestion, this series of issues in front of us, a new energy means of transport is undoubtedly become the trend in  next few years. The balance scooters gradually being used as travel a short, small-scale means of transport by more and more people. For everyone concerns about the rights and safety issues, it will be gradually solved as the governments attention. Any emerging popularity product will not be smooth sailing process.
Millet released Nine car balance, positioning it as a toy, from abroad self balance scooter consumer use, most bias entertainment purposes, indicating that the product can use diversification. In the future there will be more balanced scooter technology related toys.
Some brands define the self balance scooter as a robot, into the concept of IOT, to make it more intelligent and can be applied to family, medical, military, wrecker, and other fields. Various possible forms we can see the self balance scooter everywhere in the future.
From a business perspective
1. The importance of product quality
Blindly seeking shipping, not pay attention to quality, multiple bombings shocked the world, put the Chinese manufacturer onto the cusp, almost ruined this product. The attitude of foreign governments, Amazon measures for the industry, people learn an important lesson. So that more people are aware of the quality and standard importance. For this reason many people pay the full tuition, the future everything will be more cautious, more standardized.
2. The importance of product profitability
Impulse sales by price war, only to ultra-high failure rate, completely unable to afford overseas sale, many people throw good money after bad. Vicious competition among peers, they ultimately destroy themselves. No profit enterprise is not a long time, there is no profit product is bullying. Eventually there will be more companies realize the importance of profit, more to think about how to sell their products at high prices.
3.The importance of intellectual property
The self balance scooter incident tells everyone that the patent is the biggest headache issue, almost all enterprises in a very passive state. Many people blindly complain frenzied patent holders, not knowing fundamental reason is that their own weak awareness of intellectual property.
It is worth to talking about science. Previously, many people do not know the importance of the brand, also do not know the importance of intellectual property patents. Patents, not only is the intangible assets, it is the competitive tools. More importantly, it can also create profits for the company. In other countries, the annual income by the patent for the enterprise is an important part of corporate profits.
Next year, the self balance scooter industry will have more businesses to invest in independent research and development, application technology patents. Owned patents and brands for businesses, business will have more initiative.

From the analysis of the Government's attitude
"Guangdong balanced car alliance" Preparations are advancing, three car balance local standard-setting work is about to start. Guangdong Quality Inspection, Shenzhen Technology Standards Institute and other government agencies and well-known brand is were discussed for standard, right of way, patent issues. Industry standard will soon be introduced, conventional non-standard means chaos in the industry will be regulated, companies did not follow the implementation of the standards will be phased out of the market and government penalties.
Event analysis from Amazon
1. Amazon did not say a permanent ban on the shelves balanced scooters, but temporarily off the shelf, which is composed of a series of questions before planted the seeds, the consequences caused. In the case of providing the requested documents meet the conditions, you can continue available for sale. Just a matter of time before the problem is resolved.
2. For the Amazon event the sellers are forced to refund, there are some sellers try to contact a lawyer groups, follow the normal legal channels, to restore some of the losses.
3. For some countries, the policy of self balance scooters does not kill a stick, but for the maintenance of consumer safety, improve the access threshold for bad products to rectify.
Based on above analysis, the future self balance scooter industry will be more standardized, there will be more powerful brand, meanwhile there will be a variety of different forms of products, worth the wait!